Tiny Art Exchange 2021

Hey Hamilton Zineposium-sters! We miss you! Let’s share some tiny art. 

We would love to get together in a space and share our things. But this pandemic is still messing with us and keeping us apart, too far apart for Zineposium, which all about intimate, up close and personal sharing and exchange. But we want to share our things! So let’s send each other some tiny art through the mail.

Deadline: post-marked by May 21, 2021

How To (text only version):

How to participate: 

Get a #10 sized envelope. This is a regular, business envelope. The dimensions are 23.9cm x 10.4cm.
Make a piece of art that can fit inside this envelope. It can be a tiny zine, a drawing, a painting on paper, a collage, a sticker, etc. … make sure it is lightweight (less than 50 g/1.76 oz, the maximum weight for regular letter mail). It is up to you if you want to include your name, a note, a business card or any other identifying information. 

Put your own address and a stamp on the envelope, and put your tiny art inside it. Make sure that the artwork and the envelope together do not weigh more than 50 g / 1.76 oz. 

Do not seal the envelope. 

Package up that envelope inside another, larger envelope. 

Mail your package to:
Hamilton Zineposium
130 Longwood Road North
Hamilton, ON
L8S 3V9

When we receive your package we will randomly swap the mail art from your unsealed, #10 sized envelope, with mail art from another  #10 sized envelope that someone else has sent. We will seal them up, and pop them back in the mail.  
The upshot: someone else will receive your tiny art, and you will receive a piece of tiny art made by someone else! 

When you receive your piece of tiny art made by someone else, please take some photos and post them to Instagram @zineposium

That’s it! Easy-Peasy!