igiconzineposiumHAMILTON ZINEPOSIUM 2017!cropped-joe_for_wp.jpg

Sunday, June 25, 11 AM – 5 PM

Spice Factory, 121 Hughson St N, Hamilton, ON

Do you make zines, artists’ books, DIY multiples of any kind? Do you make bizarre indie-arts/crafts/prints/comics/graphic novels/electronic arts/3d prints/posters/stickers/t-shirts/buttons/ … Maybe your stuff is too out-there for the X-mas craft fairs, or maybe it is so low key and subtle you feel like people never notice it at all… Now’s the time to get your stuff out into the world. Join us at the Zineposium to sell and share your wares. No such thing as too weird or stupid.* Everyone is welcome. (*no racism, homophobia, misogyny, etc… you get the picture… this is an inclusive event).

To register click on contact/register (above)


email your name, contact info, and a brief description of your stuff to:

zineposium AT gmail DOT com

by June 18, 2017

Registration fee is $10, to be paid in cash upon arrival.